Friday, April 12, 2013

Superhero Undies

Superhero Undies. Discuss.

What is the sense in wearing them on the outside? Yes, they stay cleaner, but then the overall leotards have to be super cleaned. They offer some color interruption, so the eye is not blinded up by a solid neon shape as the day is saved, but is that not the point of the chest-logo? And cape? And super-speed?

And then there are costumes that are nothing BUT undies. What's up with that?


  1. I am glad I was pointed in the direction of your blog before too long. Because seriously, I am loving it, and can't believe it was withheld from me until now. But I have consumed it, laughed, chortled and and experienced fuzzy feels from aforementioned digestion. I applaud your honesty, humor and dedication at doing it everyday. I look forward to much more. :)

    oh, ..and you are also awesome.

    AND what IS up with superhero underwear obsession? I suspect foul play. ..or Freud. He's always a good source of obviously wacky mental issues. He'd have a field day with this one.

    1. Thank you, Dear :) If I provide even one iota of entertainment for you, my blogging time is well spent.

  2. Ladies, ladies. It seems as if you are assuming that the outer superhero underwear is made of the same fabric as normal undies. Do you think that simple cotton fiber is going to be able to mask a super-erection? NO! I mean, there are kids watching this daring super-rescue! Underneath the suit is normal underwear for normal everyday underwear needs. The outer wear can only be made from a superpolymer from the planet Scrotore. What if a distressed damsel has need of rescue because the fire burning her building also burned off her clothes? Superman doesn't want her to feel uncomfortable while he flys her to safety because he obviously LOVES his job.

    1. An excellent point, sir. It has opened two lines of thought for me.

      1. Someone needs to start penning the adventures of Scrotore. Stat.

      2. We need to seriously reconsider the moral fiber of Rorschach and The Question.