Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brief Thoughts

I am hella distracted at the moment. Trying to perfect my query letter for Lorelei, Once has proven a bit argklgnsdkljke.

I believe the issue is linked to 'seen too much of thisitis.' A common disease amongst the creative branch of humanity. It leaves the sufferer feeling as if they have been repeatedly assaulted with the creative branch of humanity.

Anyhow, yesterday I worked all day and then went to the home of Verbosity, where Mr. and Mrs. Verbosity and I stayed up until stupid o'clock having some of the best conversationings evar. Over two hours of Beatles trivia, a few hours of hijink flashbacks, a bowl of amazerazering spaghetti and also they gave me candy. I do not know why such sparkling, smoky-grinned wits enjoy having me over, but they certainly do know how to get me to come over. I think I'm going to marry them both. And adopt all of their children.

Verbosities, I do so love thee.

This morning, First Wife wrangled me out of self-induced jerkassery by pointing out that I am a stupid child who forgets to feed itself. Except she said it all funny and sweet and then bought me food. Then my brain stopped being overheated and turned back into a wordy factory of nonsense. I much prefer myself that way, and am very glad that she loves me either way, because I suppose someone has to, and she may be the sole reason I never end up in prison.

Life has been a bit of a lovefest for me lately, in that I continuously find myself surrounded by people I want to make proud with gobs of success, but who dote on me regardless. I am incredibly fortunate in that regard! I don't know how I stumbled into this situation, but I'm going to bask in it.

The query will wait until tomorrow.


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