Monday, April 8, 2013


Yesterday, I mentioned that I am a giant poser among Game of Thrones fans because I can't bring myself to finish reading even the first book. I just watch the pretty, pretty pictures, splashing blood and bouncy boobies and am satisfied.

I feel compelled to fess up, now, about all the other ways I am a nerd POSER.

I love books. I talk about books all of the time. Raymond Chandler is my favorite author (but none of my friendpals have read his work! Sob!) and nothing gets me more hot and bothered than a literary discussion. I love fantasy worlds. I love swords, sorcery, and badassery with a medieval twist. LOVE IT.

But I've never read Lord of the Rings. I haven't even got all the way through The Hobbit. Love the movies, though!

I think video games are great. Visual/Audio/Mental entertainment that you CONTROL?! Awesome! In the literal meaning of the word! The modern world has made such things not only possible, but common! Games are super rad! The potential for video games as a storytelling medium is, like, limitless!

I haven't played a 'serious' game through since....crap, I don't even remember. I get too into them, and do nothing but play for days, weeks, a LONG time. I decided to stop playing 'serious' games when I decided to get 'serious' about writing, about five years ago. That was the sacrifice I chose, since I didn't have much by way of a social life.

And that's pretty much it. Perhaps by the time I'm in my 30's, I'll have made up the gap. But I'm not hardcore about any medium. I'm not nerdly enough to keep up with the serious nerds. But I love listening to them nerd out about whatever has caught their attention. And I love it when our interests intersect, and we can rant and rave about the same things.

I actually prefer hanging out with people who are more advanced than me, whether in a technological or just a general life sense, because I love to learn.

What about the rest of you? Are there any embarrassing discrepancies in your personal labels? Do you like being the Alpha in a group, or do you like riding on coattails?

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