Thursday, April 4, 2013


What I want at least third-most in the world is to travel.

I want to see all of the things! I want to go places one wouldn't normally go. Just because they're there. I want to meet people I will, otherwise, never meet. Or even just see them. I want to experience rusty, dusty roads and feel the echoes of the people who traveled them before me.

As I live in the most Northerly, Westerly place I can get by car, I plan to start South. Then, East. Then North again. Until I hit the roof of North America. Then I'll dilly-dally in whatever place sang loudest to me. Then I'll hit up some other country--preferably Europe (specifically the UK).

But, in order to do it the way I want, I first have to accomplish the other two things I want even MORE.

I have to make money as an author--or a writer. But preferably an author.

I have to quit the dayjob scene.

My ultimate goal is to be an almost full-time nomad. Who writes. And mystery-visits various friends and family--with presents. And stories.

But I haven't earned it yet. Not on my terms.

That doesn't lessen the brain-itch.

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