Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proper Flight

Hello, Internet!

I must apologize again for the long gap between posts. Someday I'll accept that this is just sort of my blogging style, but for now, let's settle for an announcement:

I am moving!

At this stage, I'm only excited. I've wanted to pack up and take off to a new town for about...fifteen years? Yikes! More or less since I moved here, when I was still just a chubby li'l nerd. Time passed, and the city just sort of kept lobbing heartache at me. Now I'm a big chubby nerd, and I've had my heart broken so badly I couldn't even write bitter poetry about it. Long story, but it's stirred me from the roost. I'm finally tapped out of things to give to Missoula.

This is going to be a huge move! I'm leaving behind almost all of my possessions--selling what I can, doling the rest out to family and friends. I'll be taking along two little writing devices (getting rid of my big computer, Portia, and Jericho, my big writing desk), a suitcase of clothes, house-type things that will be more expensive to replace than to move, and a couple of boxes of books. And my bed. It's a nice bed.

So, the freshest of starts, and right now it's looking like I'll be going to Massachusetts, which, if you're unfamiliar with the USA, is on the other side of the country!

I don't have a departure date yet, but I've given notice at Dayjob, and packing, research, and other prep has begun. And I'm actually asking people to help me. Secondary yikes.

A major concern of mine is finishing this draft of ze book before I move--and I've written up a schedule for myself so that can still happen. I can't let this derail everything, after all!

So, that's my announcement. I'll still be around. Just not around the western part of the country :)