Friday, October 18, 2013

Shakespeare Shots

A few weeks ago, I had a special dream.

William Shakespeare and I were doing shots in a strip club, discussing our favorite death scenes--and how best to kill off a character. The shots were named after his characters. The strippers were my characters.

Last night, I had another dream.

So, magic exists, and everyone has it. But each family has a finite amount of magic running through its bloodstream. That magic does not disappear when someone gets gacked, but rather rearranges itself among the family. So, the only way to gain strength is to wait (or, you know, whatever) until someone in your line dies. Likewise, if someone new is born, your magical strength is lessened.

There was no real plot to this dream. It just featured a very...dysfunctional family.

I think I should combine these two dreams into the greatest romactiomedy evar. What say you?

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