Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going 180

Very brief post today, just an update on ze book:

I spent three months and a lot of stress to crank out fifty pages for Book 2 of the LORELEI, ONCE series. Every page, every paragraph, every word was bugging me. The writing wasn't terrible. The story wasn't even terrible. But after all that time and grudging effort, I waved the white flag at myself and accepted that it just wasn't what the story needed.

So, after a check-in with Pestritto on Rye, literary agent extraordinaire, I have decided to change the ending of Book 1. It is, on a technical level, a very small change. Like casting a Basilosaurus, rather than a Tyrannosaurus, as the lead villaintagonist of Jurassic Park. You could still have all of the awesome jumps. You could even finagle most of the same cool chase scenes into the movie. But the ending, with the humans joyously escaping across the ocean?

Think again, chumps!

In essence, there will be maybe two, three paragraphs of difference. But Book 2 starts in a completely different place.

That means a lot of work and stress was for nothing. But I'm too excited by this change--it really is where the story needs to be!--to even care. There may be something wrong with me.

But! Whole new adventure! Woooo!!

Now I must away to Dayjob.

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  1. You're killing me smalls! I wait with great anticipation to hear of said changes...