Sunday, August 18, 2013

Duchess Lorraine

Two pictures in one day! Oh, how I spoil you, Internet.

Duchess Lorraine is Prince Aden's cousin on his mother's side. Her family fell to tragedy, and so her uncle, Aden's father, took her in as his ward. Lorraine boasts a political savvy unrivaled by the other characters--she moves with grace, speaks elegantly, and is capable of steering a conversation without seeming to.

But politics don't come into play in a place like the Whisper Wood--where Lorraine and the other Hightowers find themselves stranded. If she wants to survive (spoiler: she does) she'll have to rely on a different sort of game.

I'm putting all of the previous pictures together in a Hightower family tree--just for kicks. I've also thought about posting the lineart, which is sort of neat. Maybe I should put together a SIREN coloring book. XD

For now, though, I need to get back to actually writing.

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