Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The title may sound a bit pig lattiny, but it's really just my way of saying I've been messing about with art.

I've got a touch of writer's block, which in the past has been greatly assisted by taking other-media breaks. When I was younger* I was ALL about art. I wanted to be a painter, I wanted to be a special effects lady, I wanted to be a comic book artist--ALL the things. For various reasons, I've drifted instead towards the writing thing, which is working out okay.

But mish-mashing the two can be fun, sometimes.

So, tonight, I drew a character from my book, SIREN. I present to you: Crown Prince Aden, of the House of Hightower:

I could pick and nit about what I do and don't like about this picture, but the point is: It was fun to make.

Prince Aden is not the main character in SIREN, but he is certainly important. He is technically the head of the bickering royal family that our siren is sent out to guide, and he is the heir to the Hightower throne. He's rather unpopular amongst his own family, though, and presumably amongst his people as well. He is frequently teased for being girlish and weak, but he refuses to fight back--choosing instead to focus his energy on keeping his family together.

Maybe Aden grows a backbone. Maybe he gets eaten by a poisonous frog. You'll have to read the book to find out.

*I've noticed that some people like to roll their eyes and pish-posh when someone younger than they are references their own younger years. Isn't that silly? I'm only 25 at the time that I'm writing this, but that's still a quarter of a century. That's a lot of time! That's longer than some people ever get! This seems like a topic worth exploring. In another post, maybe.


  1. love it! Totally goes along with how I pictured him in my head.

    1. Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised with how well he turned out--I've really struggled with drawing him in the past. But yeah, I'm pretty pleased with it :)