Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On Sisters

Hello, Internet!

I've decided to do a mini-series in which I more properly introduce you to the cast of characters that run amok in my real life. Somewhat in the past, and likely more often in the future, I will make references to these people. Most of them will have pseudonyms, because the decision to be tossed into the maw of the digital world belongs to them, and should not be taken away as punishment for their being involved with me.

Today, let's discuss my sisters.

Sandi Henderson

Sandi is my older sister and eldest sibling! She is a creative dynamo who has corrupted my ability to see colors on a simple scale--seriously, if it's not perfect, it's not worth opening your purse* for. She designs fabric, patterns, picture-type-things, children, and also she is musically talented like wow. She has also published two gorgeous craft books. She married this one guy and they have these two kids. They have yet to mutate into a single mass of life, however, so we'll save them for later and keep this post about Sandi.

For many, many years (HA she's older than me) I have admired her passion and snap-back attitude. She is one of those people that the spotlight follows. She's fashionable, straight-forward, and throws herself at new projects full-force.

I don't consider myself to be a follower, per se, but I have often found myself leaning into new ideas and patterns as inspired by my big sister. She has long inspired me to make more of myself, and to leave an imprint on the world.

But we can't play Mario together. We just end up throwing each other off the cliff.



Dramabean is my fourth sibling, and the oldest of the younger set. Where I am caustic and sharp, she is sweet and bubbly. Dramabean is a theatre fan--she was a thespian all through high school, and starred as Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream, mostly because I helped her rehearse the lines, but also because she totally rocked Helena's desperate longing and hilarious jealousy. She was by far the best part of the play. I'm not being biased. I am above such petty notions. My kid sister was just better than the other nameless rubes.

It must have been the freckles. Dramabean has the most adorable freckles. And corkscrew-curl hair like Sandi's. They're both gorgeous. Jerks.

Dramabean graduated high school fairly recently, and is currently working the 'day job/schooling' path of life, until she saves enough to move to London and work her magic there. She dates this one guy that I'm trying super hard to dislike because, as an elder sibling, that is my prerogative, but meh, he's too cute.



Girlchild is the youngest of my whole-hog siblings, being 8 years younger than myself. She is still in high school, attending the same joint that all of us (save Sandi) attended. So awkward for those teachers.

Girlchild is an incredibly gifted artist. She calls her work 'doodles' but it's the kind of stuff you see lining masterful art nouveau portraits. I think she would make an excellent tattoo artist, but I don't think Madre would appreciate that notion, so I've saved it for now. On my public blog.

Seriously, Girlchild, consider it.

Girlchild is one of those people that can pick up any artisan craft and just sort of master it on a whim. Yeah. One of THOSE people. She also was blessed with that Viking-blond hair that most people destroy their scalps for. And piercing blue eyes. She looks like a valkyrie.



Sizter is the youngest of the whole bunch; the bouncy, Viking-blond, corkscrew-curled daughter of our Papa Dog and our Stepmomster**. Sizter is adorable. And hilarious. I don't get to see her much, as they live six hours away, tucked off in the wilds of Papadogsland, but I can only imagine the wonderful things that will come from Sizter as she grows. The girl has spunk for days and she lives in the woods. Expect her soon on a ballot near you!

Also, dimples. The freaking dimples on this kid.

*I carry a messenger bag, not a purse.
**I always feel inclined to point out that she picked this name for herself! It's not an insult. We lurve our Stepmomster :)

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