Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Self

Hello, Internet!

I apologize for my absence the last few days. Dayjob got a little crazy, and I am cramming all of my limited empty hours into novel revisions. We will return to the mini series introducing all of my real-life characters in time--possibly tomorrow.

I have a head-scratch, however, and thought I would muse on it here whilst I take a brief break from revisions.

I mentioned previously that I have signed with Carrie Pestritto, over at Prospect Agency. Confetti, hand-flappy excitement, and author bio!

Eeesh. I need to write an author bio for Prospect's site. I also need to get a picture taken of myself. I have an excellent idea for the picture, but I'm stuck waiting on other people to shake their legs in order to make it happen. Having a day job doesn't help, either.

But the bio. That should be easy. It's a very small paragraph about who J Larkin is, after all. No big deal.

J (one letter) Larkin (six letters) is the blacks and whites in my gray-scale life. J likes telling stories that nuzzle close and cut deep, but leave you smiling regardless. She cannot be bothered with things that do not inspire passion of one sort of another--mild interest is not enough. She likes all things to be dusted with the macabre, and believes that every story should act as a window into its world, not a dictionary. J can be kind of a huge jerk--her main goal in storytelling is to ignite something. Grief, anger, outrage, heart-cockle fuzzies, anything.

Now I really should figure out a way to make that sound professional...ish. Shouldn't I?

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