Monday, December 15, 2014


Today is the 15th, which means...

Flowers courtesy of my Dad and Stepmomster <3

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 27 years old! Imagine if that meant my life was half over? I mean, 54 isn't that old, but I do eat a lot of popcorn and hate tomatoes. I've accomplished kind  of a lot in 27 years...if I didn't have to go through those first 15 years of learning how to exist as an adult American human, just think of what else I could accomplish! Or, or, what if my life is only 1/3 over? People live to be 81 these days, and I've still got all of my original organs! Imagine what I could do with 54 more years at my disposal!

If this is the breakfast I get for every trip around the sun, let's say I'm only 1/5th done. Er, maybe 1/4.
Anyway, I've started up my new project. I'm not actively announcing each publication...yet? They pop up at midnight, they're tiny, they're every day of the week...what is the best way to handle that PR? For real, I'm open to ideas!

Meanwhile, I'll have a novel sent out to someone--whether it be my beta readers or Pestritto on Rye--before the year winds down entirely. And I feel pretty good about that :)
Also, I am adorable. Candy and hypoallergenic puppy courtesy of Wifey :)

It was a quiet day. I gave myself the gift of clean laundry. My roommate, Wifey prepared ultimate breakfast, and while she was out making money like an employed adult, I completed work on the hard draft of my novel, SIREN :) Happy Birthday to me!!! After a considerable struggle with loss of inspiration, and then figuring out how to write in the middle of our apartment being broken (I write on top of two banker's boxes by the couch, for reasons =D) this is a huge step. I used to say I wanted to make my first major step in the publishing world by the time I was 25. IS how old I was when I signed with my agent...Hey, I've been busy.
That is cheesecake. I am eating it.

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