Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Keeps on Slippin'

Hello, internet!

My, my, how time flies when you're hunched over a keyboard, writing about death.

Haha! Kidding! I was actually rewriting the introduction chapters for the human cast of my novel, Lorelei, Once. So, no deaths. Yet. One guy does get kicked in the face, though.

So much has happened in the...er...week? since I last posted. A stirring of an idea was kicked out of my brain in front of my friend, who offered a single spurt of passionate thought/protest, which in turn unlocked the entire sweeping quest in the Siren Songs series--which Lorelei opens up. I have spent a million billion hours on revisions, to the point where I find myself struggling to keep track of real-world things like food and time. But, progress!!!

Talking of which, remember that little series I started? The Real-Life Characters of J Larkin's Mortal Coil? That wasn't the actual title, of course. That thing doesn't have a proper title. But I wrote about my sisters, and my brothers, and I also planned to write about my Friendpals and my Wives. I still plan on writing about them. But first, I need to ascertain whether or not they want me to be publicly linking to them and whether they'd prefer I use their proper names or the names I have for them in my head. 

Wives don't get that option, of course. They are The Wives, and so they shall remain forevar. Friendpals, however, have their own goals for being publicly consumed, and it strikes me as rude to fling their names and blogs and such around without their permission.

However, full-time dayjobbing and manic-dedication to revisions leaves me with very, very little face-time with Friendpals, and the only time I even think to ask after the issue is...when I sit down to write the blog.

Clearly I need more caffeine and less dayjob. But I also need more money, for rents and stuff, which means more dayjob...urgh, being a grownup sucks. Except when you get to have hot wings and ice cream for dinner. And spend all day switching between Once Upon a Time and writing your own fairy tale.

Can we pause for a moment to discuss how great Once Upon a Time is??? I spend each episode switching between flipping out because the characters are doing, um, anything, and flipping out because OMG I GOT THAT SUBTLE REFERENCE!! I AM THE FAIRY TALE QUEEEEEEN!!!

I like fairy tales. I always have, I always will, I've studied them to the point that it's a bit more than a hobby. For yeeeeears. Before I had any sort of inkling that I wanted to be a professional writer, I was in love with storytelling, and fairy tales are like premium-grade storytelling crack.

So, thank you, creators of Once Upon a Time. You have showered gifts upon the fairy-tale nerd within me...which is my core. My squealing, hand-flapping, fangirling core. If I can ever inspire in an audience the fervor which you mystery folk have inspired in me...I will have earned a plate of hot wings.

Well, that took a turn for the creepy, didn't it? I'm going to go write about death some more.

Alright, not death, quite yet. But there is another face-kick coming up.


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  1. lol! on many counts.. yes, yes you have permission to link to me with realnames... unless of course I am really deluding myself that I qualify as a Friendpal of yours.. ;)

    ..and I must check out said "Once Upon a Time" is it on netflix?