Sunday, May 5, 2013


That's all that's in my brain right now: mush and slush and the zig-zaggy little wing-wangs of excitement that are left over like not-quite-duds on the 4th of July.

I will post something great in the morning. Maybe that piece about eating dinosaurs (how many people would a brontosaurus omelet feed? How many hamburgers could you make out of a stegosaur shank?). Or some squealing about my unyielding Beatles obsession (I sang my voice to shreds with Oh, Darling! last week, and First Wife only got me to sit still for hair prep by putting on Help!, the way she would with my 2-year-old godbaby).

Perhaps I will write some more about Lorelei, Once. I've officially begun working on the sequel (no title yet), but I may set it aside and work on a different, related, much shorter project. This whole matter with the Writers Voice contest has lit my fire, and I am all about work right now.

Maybe I'll discuss Shakespeare a little. I am an undiluted Shakespeare fangirl--I have a few of my favorite monologues memorized, and I'm going to work on a new one as soon as I pick which play to favor next. Someday, I may even pick a favorite monologue, and then I'm going to have it tattooed on my forearm so everyone can see that I am either a very dedicated literature nerd or a girl with tattoo money who wanted to look smarter and deeper than she actually is. Either way. SHAKESPEARE!

There's also the See vs. Touch matter I promised to talk about. And I really should draw something--the last serious art project I took on was the cover for Lorelei. It turned out great, but--in fact, here: enjoy!

Yeah. There's a lot of things I might write about, or do, tomorrow. But we'll see when we get there. For now, I am utterly spent. I'm going to sleep a bit before I dayjob tomorrow.

Peace out, Internet!


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  1. Can I vote that you start work on the second installment?

    I mean, of course, do whatever feels best for you right now.