Saturday, May 4, 2013


So, I just got back from the Lorelei, Once Dinnerd Party. Which was essentially me cramming all of my Beta readers (in state) into the same room, pushing Lorelei themed food (which First Wife and Wifey made...I was going to feed everyone cheap pizza) at them, insisting they dress up (THEY DID IT WAS INCREDIBLE), and then basking in the glow of their DEFINITELY UNBIASED thoughts on the book.

My ego needs that much attention. It really does.

This was super awesome fun, and even though I have pestered all of them constantly since they first started reading, at the moment they said they were finished, and in the days leading up to the party, I still got to hear some new things.

Then, because I am a sucker and I luffles them all, I offered them each a single, no-holds barred yes/no question. They asked some of the bigger things, I answered, and I almost immediately regretted it.

The thing is, I hate telling people things. Hate it! I like implying things. I like leaving things vague so other people can make up their own minds. I LOVE it when people pick up on clues I've left and figure the mystery out on their own! But I hate giving out straight answers. It feels like I've noped out of some great game. "Sorry, gang, I can't play Clue tonight. I have to go organize my socks instead."

Also, it was not entirely fair...because most of the things I straight-answered are nearly reverse-meaninged when you put them in context. This is intentional. When they reach the points in future books where these matters are revealed in-universe, they will probably still be surprised. But now they have an expectation--one supposedly based in fact--and that takes a good deal of the fun away.

Boo! Hiss!

And on top of that...there is a very strong possibility that some of the secrets will change. Some of the best scenes--one of the pivotal conflicts, in fact--were deleted in the final draft of Lorelei. I didn't know they were going to be. I had absolute confidence in where the plot was going. But when I got to the point of actually writing things down...the story naturally unfolded in a different direction.

It is a fact that I have written some things with people (who became Betas) sitting a few feet away from me. I'm all a-giggle, clapping my hands and muttering that this is THE BEST scene, that they are gonna LURVE it...and they never get to read that scene. Because it gets hard-deleted.

The point of this post is that I have to apologize to my sweet Betas, and, in a way, retract whatever answers I gave about the future of Lorelei. Because it might change!

But I love that you have the questions, anyhow :) And I love you all for the magnificent, unyielding support you have offered me, and I am deeply grateful that you have joined me on this slapdash ride.

Thank you!


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