Monday, November 3, 2014


Work on the new novel is coming along. Unfortunately(?) I've reached the point in the tale where the main characters...kinda need names.

I've often had this problem: my characters come to fruition as people before they have names. By the time I know their deepest fears and dreams, their favorite foods, what element they would represent in Avatar...other characters are still calling them 'Hey You.'

The first novel I completed followed a character named Thomas Kaiser. I chose his name after a kaiser roll sliced open my middle finger on my right hand at the bakery.

I was halfway through SIREN, with no name chosen, when an oven accident left my with a severe burn on my right pointer finger. That was when I decided the narrator of that novel would be called Cinder :)

I don't have much direction for these new character's names. I offered my thumb to the cat to chew on, but she declined to assist me with the artistic process. So I'll continue working, and be sure to report on the amusing injury that leads to the naming of the new narrators :)

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