Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Update and Storytime

Moving is busy business. Half of the time, I’m spread so thin that I can’t construct a fully functional sentence. The other half, I go full Jekyll. I accomplish a lot, but there’s this creepy, uncontrollable laughter involved. That’s why it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted on this blog. I try to save the Jekyll times for actual packing (HAHAHA), apartment hunting (accomplished!), job hunting (leads!), and answering messages and questions and summons.

Work on the novel is happening, though, along with a few side projects, and practice on the uke, and the rest of the time…I’m at Dayjob. After six and a half years, I’m please to say I have only six days left to serve at the bakery J The day I actually put Missoula in my rear window is a touch further than that. But we’re getting there!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Now, story time.

Wifey, Wfums and I drove to the wonderful historic town where Wifey’s wonderful parents live. We were floored by the Irish music festival, ate memory-bedazzling food, and enjoyed being out of our current town for a while. I adore Wifey’s family—they are all sweetness and no bullshit and just gah I love them. 

While we were there, we marched up the hill to observe a memorial to the victims of a terrible mine fire. On the way up, I summoned my former life experience as a raccoon to capture a meaty grasshopper for Wifums. The grasshopper—dubbed Lady Teddington BeauRegard by Wifums—was unharmed, and was pleased to ride on my friend’s fnger for a considerable distance. Until we started eying a bigger grasshopper. Then, Lady Teddington BeauRegard bid us farewell.

The memorial was beautiful, and sobering. There are records, final words and parting letters from the victims. Most of them bid farewell to their families, asking them to be safe and happy.

The memorial took care to display the nationalities of the miners—they came from all the hemispheres and all of the backgrounds. They were just men in a new world, doing their Dayjob.

If you’re ever in the Montana area and you come across a memorial or a museum of any sort, do take the time to step out, hike up, do whatever you must to check it out. I promise it will be worth your time, even if it’s just five minutes and a stroll.

I hope my new lands have a similar situation!

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